Get It Done

Lauren Granato, Sole Designer

CareerFoundry UI Course


Get It Done is a hybrid app to help people organize the tasks that they need to accomplish. You can add as many different lists as you would like in order to sort the tasks on you “To-Do” list. When you set a due date for any task, it automatically syncs to the calendar in the app. This calendar can also be exported to the calendar on your phone. 

This app was designed for people that like to have everything written down, but also like to use technology and keep everything stored on their phone so they don’t lose it. Get It Done is designed for the "List Maker."


The objective of this app is to have an app on your mobile device that you can quickly add a new task to. These tasks help people stay organized about what they need to accomplish whether it be immediate or more of a long term goal. The app is simple and easy to use so that people can add something to their “to do” list while on the go. 

Design Process

Get It Done was developed using a variety of tools. Research was completed about competitor’s apps. The mood board was created using Illustrator. Pencil and paper were used for  low fidelity wireframes. The mid- to high- fidelity wireframes were created using Sketch. The final prototype was created in Invision. 

Challenges and Learnings

  • One of the main challenge that arose was how to make the app unique for users. There are many different To-Do List apps on the market today. The challenge was to create an app that blended the best parts of all of the existing apps. To solve this, I downloaded several different apps that had the same basic concept. I used these as inspiration for the interface design and features.

  • Another challenge that I encountered was how will users be able to sort and edit data that they have entered. This was a challenge because I wanted to make sure that if the task needed to be changed, there is an opportunity to do so. To solve this, I decided that the task would be clicked on (not in the check mark box). This would bring up a new screen allowing users to change the spelling, due date and other data fields.