Flower Friends

Lauren Granato, Sole Designer

CareerFoundry UI Course

Flower Friends is a native iOS e-commerce app designed for to allow people to send flowers to anyone in the US directly from their phones.

There are many occasions to send flowers to someone. Flower Friends allows you to chose the flourist (based on price and location to delivery).

Flower Friends also saves people that you like to send flowers to. In addition, you can save bouquets that you would like to send again. The user can even send a specific bouquet every year on a specific date (ex, your mother's birthday).

Although this app has many features and pages, this is only a partial display as only some screens have been finalized.


The objective of this app is to have an easy-to-use place to purchase and send flowers to someone else. The goal is to allow people to offer their condolences, apologize for mistakes, or just brighten someone's day with the tap of a button. While a few websites offer similar services, there are few apps that offer these services. The intent is to create an ecommerce app that allows people to quickly order and send flowers.

Design Process

Flower Friends was designed based off a generic design brief. From there, a more detailed design brief was create. Next, I designed Brand Guidelines for what the app should look and feel like. Next I created the User Flow so that the screen so of the app were organized and it was easy to get from one screen to the next. After that there were several iterations of wireframes and feedback to determine the final mobile design. Once the final mobile design was created, some pages of the desktop version were also created. 

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

User Flows


Low Fidelity Wireframes: Rough ideas for all screens drawn out with pencil and paper. 

High Fidelity Wireframes: Details such as where photos will go, text and other layout pieces ironed out and put into final stages before adding color and imagery. 

Throughout this process I tested these wireframes on other users. I was able to narrow down some screens, add some screens and change several initial layouts so that the flow works better for users. I also created a prototype so users could give me feedback on the position of items on the page. 

High Fidelity Wireframes

Challenges and Learnings

Since Flower Friends is only a partial development of the app, I came across a few challenges when creating it. 

  • There are not a lot of apps that have a similar function. Therefore, I had to use similar websites and mobile responsive web as inspiration for my app. 

  • The target market is very wide because there are so many different types of occasions to send flowers for. This makes it difficult to make color and font choices for the market. Instead, I had to focus on colors and fonts that would be received by many people and still revolve on the brightness of flowers. 


Desktop Views